Setting aside the obvious pros and cons for a head/cab vs a combo, how much difference is there between the Orange AD15 and the Tiny Terror with a 1x12? I'm really only planning to use it to record so I'm not worried about gig volumes although I would like for it to be able to spit out all of it potential tone with out waking the neighbors. Is there much difference in tone between these two? Do you have to push one to higher volumes more than the other to get a decent break up? Also, if you have anything else you would like to add about one of these amps (like, don't get the TT because it's notorious for eating nice running shoes and peeing on the rug), please do.

Thanks guys
I've never heard of the AD15? I have an AD30 twin channel and i much prefer it to the TT. Its clean sound can get to a decent volume and its voiced a lil darker, better cleans and overdrive imo. That said it is double the money and the TT is by no means a piece of ****...
Where'd you come across an AD15? That's another amp I'd love to have! It'll be cleaner than the Tiny Terror, break up a little later. Have more of a bluesy voice than the classic rock voice on the TT. Given a choice, I'd take the AD15.

Both amps are going to be pretty loud. If your neighbors are on the other side of the wall, the'll wake up with the TT on 7W mode.
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Have you tried the AD15?

I have. It has close to no OD, it got some slight breakup when I had the gain cranked. Sounded nice and clean, but the lack of OD almsot annoyed me (Orange amps are suppose to OD!)

The Tiny Terror sounds very good on low volumes too and it doesn't have to be loud to get some OD either.
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