just think of some sort of random phrase... like anything. A road sign, a warning, anything and see if the abbreviation/acronym sounds cool.

for example... Neighborhood Watch Patrol----------NWP
To Higher Ground----------------------THG
Falling Rock Ahead---------------------FRA
Non-Stop Epidemic---------------------NSE
Kill the Carrier---------------------------KTC
Never too Late--------------------------NTL

Feel free to use any of them except for THG cause thats my band name
Hope I was helpful
Why does the acronym have to sound cool?
"If faith is the answer we've already reached it
and if spirits a sign, then it's only a matter of time"
Get a book, any book as long as it has words
Go to page 82, paragraph 2, line 6, words 2,3 and 4. This will be your band name
I got "By their parents".

That's a terrible band name.

edit: tried another book, got "him on the". Your method blows.