I am looking for a fuzz pedal that can cover anything 60's-80's but is more on the 60's side, and no artist-signature's (no fuzz-face, or anything like that).

I also want it to be able to cover the following types of tone:

Jefferson Airplane
CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
David Bowie
The Romantics
Status Quo (in their 60's era)
The Small Faces
Lynyrd Skynyrd
White Snake
The Scorpions
Velvet Underground
The Doors
I want the same!

Why no fuzz face?
I was looking into the ibanez tone lok fuzz...I LOVE my DE-7.
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well, I know, It was originally a Dallas-Arbiter or however you spell it, and then Roger Mayer had one, and now Dunlop makes one. What I meant was no cliche fuzz pedals.

It's just that it seems everyone on here automaticlly thinks "Hendrix" when someone says fuzz. Sure, he made it more widespread, but still. He wasn't the ONLY person who used it.
cuz hendrix was a beast which is why everyone thinks of him when someone says fuzz. and my roger mayer axis fuzz agrees. *tomorrow comes my fulltone octafuzz*
Fuzz Face sounds best to my ear...FZ-5 by boss seems ok...
Do you like anime/manga?
PM me about buying the graphic novels I'm trying to sell
Try a Fulltone 70's pedal, if it's still available. There's also a 60's pedal, I have a 70's and I believe it was modeled after that Band of Gypsies tone that just kills!! I use it with a A-man moded Tube Screamer and the both of those together deliver some great big brown Super Fuzz! Hendrix used to use 2 fuzz faces at times to get that over the top feed back.
More than one fuzz or overdrive pedal is the way to go.
Another Fuzz box that sounds good is the Keeley Fuzz Head, low noise, true bypass & top notch components. There are also lots of sound samples on his site.
Quote by Fatso Forgottso
despite the fact its not actually a fuzz, but an od.
big muff pi.
or little big muff.
or vexter fuzz factory.

I know that, but the tone p*sses all over the Big Muff. I used to have one and I would have never got one had the Geranium OD been out at the time.
i say either roger mayer, a genuine fuzz-face clone (not the dunlop trash), or a tonebender clone. Tonebender was used by page if i remember correctly, and hendrix made the fuzz face popular, as everyone knows.
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