So yeah, I'm thinking about buying a new guitar, electric that is.

I play mostly metal and progressive.

I have a $1500-$1700 Budget.

I was thinking about getting an used ESP Horizon FR-II, but I realized I wouldn't get one for $1700 any time soon.

I thought about the ESP M-II EMG, which is pretty cool, but then I realized it was the same model as Kirk Hammett (Kinda desapointing).

I looked up through the Ibanez, found some pretty good ones, but I still have no idea what to get!

Feed me some good metal axes! (Preferably strato body, ABSOLUTELY no Vs, round shaped or fancy X body guitars)

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With a budget like that and interests in metal and progressive, I recommend you give a serious look to the Music Man Petrucci sig.

I did take a look at Music Man's stuff, although my brother recently bought one and the only model I liked was the same as him >.>

schecter, ibanez, ESP LTD

If you would've read you would've seen I already saw Ibanez and ESP, I won't even look at LTDs.
Jackson was going to be my next suggestion for you. There not really my thing, but they are definetely very solid guitars. I actually had a chance to noodle around on one of the $2000+ USA models and I could tell it was a flawlessly built guitar. It didn't really "grab me" like I thought it would, but it might be what your after.
Ok so I'm down to 2 choices:

I wait patiently and try to find a Horizon FR-II at $1800~ or I get a:

Jackson DK1 USA
24 Jumbo Frets
Original Floyd Rose
EMGs (2 singles 1 humbucker) [Dunno which model, I'll have to ask]
Almost never used

I think I'll be going with the Jackson, because then I could pay myself something else, and it's easier to get it than to have the Horizon delivered...

Any personal experiences with both of these guitars greatly appreciated!