Alright so ive had my epiphone les paul standard plus top for a while and ive decided to upgrade it, i already know im getting zebra stripe alnico 2's, but im not sure about tuners because ive read alot of bad reviews on different brands, what should i go for? keystone, grover, line6?
Grover, Schaller, Gotoh.

Sperzels for locking tuners.
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The epi standard should come with grovers new anyways. Unless your having tuning problems shouldnt need to change them.
Quote by Tackleberry
Unless your having tuning problems shouldnt need to change them.


..and even then, it's seldom the tuners these days. Most modern tuners are pretty good. They have a LOT less slip and backlash than they used to. If youre having tuning stability problems, my experience has been more often that the nut is the culprit and the strings bind up. Most commonly, this is because the strings being used are much larger than the nut was cut for (as in the case of very low alternate tunings) or the nut was just plain cut bad.

Another culprit is slippage. A set of Sperzels or other locking tuners can help with this problem (although not the problem above), but you can fix this problem a lot cheaper by winding your strings such theat they lock the string end and prevent slippage.

Other reasons to change tuners is to improve balance (grovers are heavier than kluson or "keystone" type tuners) or just plain aesthetics. In which case, it's totally up to you what you want.
Then buy away Just make sure oyu get ones that will fit the holes in your peghead. I don't know off the top of my head which size epi's use, but if they're grovers stock, they're 10mm.