ok we have two offers to play on the same night in about two weeks. The first is a very small bar in our hometown, the second is a bigger bar playing behind a fairly big band in the area however this is about two hours away. the problem is that if we play the big one we will end up making less money once you add in room and board, gas and food (and alcohol). so what should we do? play the small bar make more money or play the bigger in front of a larger audience and get our name out more?
Bigger bar. You'll get more money later that way.
yah, and u will get more exposure playin in the bigger bar
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If you think the bigger band you'll play before at the other show will get your band more exposure then it will be the more profitable move in the long run
but if you're all about the money now then play the home show. who's the band?

p.s. isn't it all about the music or does money rule our lives now?
yea thats what i was thinking but yall know how it is, its hard enough to try to make little money playin music, but i guess breaking even doin what you love is payment enough. it should be great, the biggest crowd we've ever played in front of
hey rebelmidget i doubt its anyone youve ever heard but they're called hope for nothing pretty cool guys we've hung out with them a lot, our drummer is their ex-guitarists first cousin, i know the name sounds emo and they were at one time but theyve kinda moved on from that now