Yo, I'm looking for some good songs with slapping on the bass,
I'm more experimenting with slapping.
So basically I'm a beginner at slapping. Also, are there any tips for slapping?
Thanks =)
well the bass on take the power back by rage against the machine is i think slap
but listen to it yourself its a good song
Send me off to bed forevermore.
Well, I tend to play with my bass Higher up, If You play Low down its a lot harder.

I made a tab for a song by Level 42 called "Love Games", Its so funcky and easy to play.

Heres how it go's, Its live, But still sounds the same...

Good luck!

Also try these:
Red Hot CHili Peppers - Higher Ground
Red hot CHili Peppers - Get on top
Rage Against the Machine - Take the Power Back.

If you want the Auido for any of them, Send me a PM.
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