Alright Pit, I need your help. I have a school assignment that is called "The Moment In Time" project. What I need your help on is finding a picture that:

a. It was taken between the years of 1950- 2006.
b. It has the ability to tell a personal story.
c. You are compelled (moved) by the picture.
d. It is clear and in focus.
e. It is school appropriate.

The picture has to describe a major period in America's history, so I was thinking about a picture that shows the rock n' roll movement or the counterculture of America in the 50-70's, but anything else is fine.
Any help is appreciated, and if you could post the picture or link. Thanks in advance.

Here's John Lennon, and on the very right of the picture is Mark David Chapman, the man who would, only moments later, take John's life.
This picture makes me sad.

It might not be exactly what you're looking for, though.
That picture of the napalming of that girl.
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Always outnumbered, never outgunned...