Hey everyone, I'm new here and am looking for some help. I just bought my first guitar today and am getting some help, but not just yet. Anyway, if someone could lend a tip that'd be great. My fingers tend to stick to the strings and i can't seem to be able to release my finger from the string after playing a note without getting some unwanted noise from the string vibrating after it releases from my finger. If someone could help that'd be great, I'd really like to keep progressing on my own as far as possible.
that sounds about normal. try not to press too hard. only hard enough to make clean contact with the fret. it sounds like you're pressing really hard and then the string is making a groove in your finger and sticking to it a little.

also, if you slide up the down normal strings while pressing down on them, they will produce a sound that we call "string screech"(sp?). it happens to almost all strings.
yea that happens to me as well. the string is sort of digging a hole into your fingers and hence when you release it, it sort of sticks on to it and making a little noise. it will get better when you develop your calluses after a few more weeks of playing.