Ive only been playing for 8 months... i play through a line 6 spider 3. i know it's horrible but i needed a cheap amp fast when i first began learning guitar. Now it has been 8 months, i want to advance as well as my sound quality. ive saved a couple of hundred bucks and i think i need a new amp.

budget = 300-400$

I don't really care about the watts. I just want something better than line 6 spider 3 and something that can be heard when jamming with a drummer (im not in a band but i do jam with my drummer friends.) and something that is worth 300-400$.

I dont really have big knowledge about amps but ive been hearing stories about solid states and how tube amps "pwns" all. But don't tubes cost like 600$+ ? I mean the cheapest i found was around 500-600.

But anyway... i need some help tnx.
oops, i forgot, i play mostly metal. But an amp that is versatile would be nice because i play a lot of clean songs too like Nothing Else Matters, Stairway To Heaven, etc.
try Vox valvetronix or roland cube amps. they are both modeling amps and vesitile. the vox has a tube preamp and a solid state op amp so it is the best of both worlds. they both come in varied wattages depending on the exact one you get. a 60 watt will be more than enough to deafen your drummer.

i own the Roland Cube 60 it sounds awesome and is louder than drummers
Check out either acdcrocks' suggestions, a Peavey Valveking, or a used Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Depends on what you're into.


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Hey save up some more $$$, you are not that far away from building your rig off right.
I spent a lot of time buying the wrong stuff so please listen to me. I can see by looking at your avatar you're into Metallica right? also that puts you into the metal scene I would guess. For about 5-600.00 bucks you can get your self a Marshall head (JCM 800 or JMP), you gotta be patient! they're out there for that amount. Once you have that, you have the building block for your rig.
Make sure it's not moded or F'd up. You'll need a good dist or should I say overdrive pedal like Boss OD or IBZ Tubescreamer. If you find a DSL 50 (Marshall) head you won't need them at all because that suckah has enough High Gain built in. You can play that through your Line 6 speaker if it's a 12" for short, not too loud mind you or that speaker won't last. I have a Spider II with 12"Celestion that would handle a 50 watt Marshall. Secondly Save more Dough for a Marshall Cab. 4x12 JCM 800 or 900 loaded with 75watt Celestions or V 30's. Once again be patient, You can snag a cab for about 5-600.00 Bucks as well. I wouldn't buy anything else If I were you. especially a 500.00 combo! all that is in the land of Metal is a at home practice amp! and that you all ready have.
Good Luck!
Tnx for replies guys, so i was doing my research and im kinda leaning on peavey valveking 112. Am i making a bad decision or is this fine? I appreciate the other recommendations but i am really a cheap person especially after i got fired lols, so i really just can afford 300-400. So i was doing some Vox valvetronics and Peavey Valveking research, and they look good. Ill let you guys decide, vox or valveking 112?

Tnx again guys

Oh and yes im a die-hard metallica fan... ehh i just wanted to share hehe
honestly man, i'd save ur money, because if you're not in a band theres not that big of a point. Depends on how frequently you jam as well, also you're just a beginner still. I'd work on your guitar techniques/playing, and wait to see if you end up being in a band, that way when you have all ur money saved up, you can get some really good, not a half/assed amp. After 8 months, it just seems to me that you're making yourself hate the amp, and following what other people say about it.