I'm researching some upgrades for my rig and was just looking for some opinions. First off i'm planning on ordering a Dimarzio cliplock strap this week online, i've seen some local bands use them and they look really easy to use and reliable.

I'm also looking into wireless systems and was wondering what some good ones were to look into. Also I run through a pedalboard with about 6-7 pedals. This is probably really obvious but I would have to run a cable from the amp to the first pedal and then stick the wireless receiver at the last pedal which goes to the guitar right?

Thanks for the help
Your gonna need to spend about 400 dollars to get a good one that doesn't suck tone or crap out. I would suggest a Sennheiser or a Shure.
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make sure you get a well known brand.

i have tried a 179AUD$ wireless

and it was complete crap.

get a good shure.

personally i don't think it';s worth the money.