right now i have a boss br600 recorder and i am trying to make a "studio" so i am going to be buying some monitors which i got helped with but do i need to buy a mixer and i dont understand the differnce between a recording mixer and like a PA mixer could someone point this out and show me a affordable mixer.
I dont think there is a difference between a "recording" mixing desk and a "live" mixing desk.

From what I can remember a guy telling me, the only difference really between a cheap and an expensive one is something to with sounds at low volumes will have slight crackling that is nearly unaudible to the ear. This is because of the components used for a more expensive mixing desk are better and dont cause as much noise. Obviously the more expensive one will have more features and stuff.

I could be wrong though. This is what some guy told me.
They are the same, some mixers just come equipped with a usb or firewire out that lets you send a mixed stereo track to your computer.
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