i have an old 10 cd changer box, its all metal and i think it would make a good head if i could figure out how to do it. its about the size of a tiny terror, and id like to make it tube. as many watts as possible. the dimensions of the box are 9 1/2" wide x 6" front-to-back x 3 1/4" top- to bottom. is it possible to fit tubes in that, and if so does anybody know an easy way to learn how to wire up a tube amp? and if the tubes wont fit, how much head room would i need to make for the tubes to fit?
I'm gonna to assume you don't know all that much about amp building/electronics, so i'll say that this sounds like too complicated a build for you. you cant just wire in tubes and call it an amp, and if you don't know what you're doing, its possible to hurt yourself. wait for one of the more experienced guys to answer.
It would be possible to use something that size as a chassis, but why?
I'm sure its got a number of unnecessary holes, plus you would need to likely build a cabinet around it, the tubes would obviously be on sockets outside of the chassis.

If you got space to mount a couple transformers and 2 tube sockets (either 2 novals or a noval and an octal) as well as a turret board on the inside and other various components like pots on the faceplate.

There are a number of semi-expensive components you would need and this whole thing would end up costing a couple of hundred dollars in the end, so why not just get a proper hammond aluminum chassis since you would probably need to drill the crap out of this CD changer or whatever it is anyways.
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...does anybody know an easy way to learn how to wire up a tube amp?
lol no. Tubes are serious business.
Learn to build on pedals or little amps that use a 9 volt battery, first.
Don't hurt yourself.
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