you know the slot where the guitar cord plugs in? well i need a site to get one of these? im making a amp from older stereos and stuff any ides? it's a cab so it's going tough a head and i just need something to convert the sound from guitar cord into the speakers
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marshall has half stacks for only 600, but i dont know if theyre any good. seems like a good deal....
with the knowledge you display here, it doesnt seem to me like you will be making much. you need a little more electronics knowledge than that to go buliding an amp, especially if your "converting" sound from guitar cord to speaker
Its called a 1/4" jack. You only need a probably need a simple 1/4" mono jack for a guitar input. So how are you planning on turning a stereo into an effective guitar amplifier? What type of stereo is it (since stereo is a pretty broad term)