You know that sound where the guitarist just kinda smacks his hand against the strings to create that little percussive noise? What's the best way to do that, as to get a good, strong sound every time? When using a pick, I can usually get a solid sound most of the time, but when I fingerpick, it always sounds dull and low. Any suggestions?
have your hand completely flat and just plop it on the strings ahard and evenly, but if that doesnt work, slap your thumb on the body
I do it by slapping the top E string with my thumb against the fretboard like I was playing slap bass (if that helps) and muting the strings with my left hand. Gives off a clean click.
I learned how to do this by learning the song "hurt" by john mayer. TO hear it listen on youtube and the tabs are on UG.

the way you slap is to roll your hand into a fist and hit all the strings with the first segments of bone in your fingers.
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