I love my LP but the nut that secures the input jack keeps loosening.
It came all the way off the other day mid jam session and it took some heroics and clever use of a small allen wrench to save the day.
Any one else experience this? and any solutions for this?
i love my epi. now keep in mind ive pretty much gutted and redone the whole guitar, but love my epi.
more to the point i used to have the same problem, before i replaced the stock output with a switchcraft one, i used the blue thread lock and that was it.
You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
oh ya that happens to mine all the time haha... i just keep tightening it with my fingers but im thinking of trying using a wrench for once haha maybe make it tighter
yeah my LP100 always does that it's been f**ked since i took the plastic film off it, and unscrewed i to get the bits of film stuck underneath. Just tighten it up nice and good. Or get a gibson, they aren't as shoddily made
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