What kind of music do you play? Cause if you play like, rock or blues or whatever, then a gibson or fender is pretty good.

But for metal, I love ESP.
Jackson, Ibanez, Dean, and BC Rich are also some good brands. Check 'em out, it really comes down to personal preference. And you're really best off going to a music store to get one cause it's always best to try the guitar out before you buy it.
Epiphone Special-II is like 400-ish depending on where you look, but I'm from Australia so our prices are probably different.. It's an incredibly solid guitar. Don't let the brand deter you.

Rule of thumb - keep it simple, no tremolos, fancy cosmetics, or EMGs

You'll get more guitar for your money. I'd look at an EPIPHONE Dot as well.
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just go into a music store with a good selection, play as many guitars as you can, and buy whatever feels best to you. dont buy a guitar just because your favorite player plays them. everyones style is different.
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Well i play a variety of music but im more into so much distortion

Ibanez RG for distortion
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price range has changed any guitars $370 to $400 Im very into distortion so any help appreciated

Distortion really isn't a genre of music, so could you list some bands you like so we can get an idea of the exact sounds you're after.
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Ibanez RG for distortion

Yeah they have a distortion box built in.
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well anything like slayer to judas priest to metallica and clean too like metallica

just sayin'

If you had more money i would have said the B.C. Rich Kerry King V. But the Ibanez R series guitars are good though.
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