okay i have a few more questions thanks to everyone who helped me out last time

1. so im going to try out electric guitar. I want to get a cheap one to start out and fool around with. I was thinking this one
i know its not the best, because i just want to try out electric guitar, but will is it a good guitar till i advance? Im also going to get an amp . Just a small one, for about $60.

2. Im learning barre chords. Im first practicing with just putting one finger over each fret trying to hold down all the strings and strumming. Im only getting a clear sound from about 3 of the strings. Is this normal when starting out? how can i improve to get a clear sounds from all 6 strings?

thanks guys
i remember barring seemed imposible at first, but the more your fingers strengthen the easier it will be. i think if you practice the barre chords for a week or two you should have them down pretty well. as for the guitar, it will work just fine for what your doing