well do you have the head and no cab already? because thats kinda lame -_-.

and i dont think it would work or be a smart idea if it did work to do so. just get a cab or a preamp "head" and run it thru a mixer into the speakers or headphones. but really this idea isnt worth looking into.
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i would think that if it has a 1/4 input, it would work, because it is basically is a PA, right?
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you'll want to read up on that first, don't just plug it in to try it out. If the head has a pre-amp output, you'd want to feed that to the input on the receiver. Otherwise, you'd be plugging a really big voltage into the receiver where its expecting a small voltage (probably line level). might also have to match impedances between the two, i dunno.
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Not into the receiver, but if the ohms match (they probably will if you have an impedance selector on the amp) you could plug into the speakers. It probably won't sound very good, but it would work.