G'day all, my band recorded a few rough tracks the other week - we've already recieved some great comments from the people of UG, so cheers all.

I've finally got round to mastering the songs on my home 'studio', and I'd appreciate any criticism or advice you could give, on both the songwriting and the recording quality. I'm particularly interested hearing about 'Tunnel Vision' and 'The Wayside'.

HOLY ****!

You guys ****ing ROCK! Tunnel Vision is so cool! Man, I can't describe how awesome you guys are. Seriously. Rock on, man!
I'm not one much for this style of music usually, but I really like the band as a whole. The riffs are interesting and varied enough to keep each song moving forward in just the right way, and the guitar playing is very well executed. And also, the vocals really sit well with each song. The vocal melodies compliment what the rest of the band is doing without going into a cookie-cutter blues rock thing too often, and I like that (Especially on The Wayside). The only non-positive aspect that caught my ear was some of the backing vocals sounded a little off in places. But, that may just be my listening environment at the moment as I'm having to listen at a lower volume while my roommates sleep.
I will give these tracks a better listen tomorrow and edit this post if need be.
Rock Tunnel:
Wow...thats all I can say. I LOVE that guitar tone! Very tight sound. Sounds like RATM meets Led Zep or something, i absolutely love it!

The Wayside:
Very clean playing man, your definitely a talented guitarist, and great taste. The only thing i could think of is on this track to maybe turn up the ride, i can't hear much of the sizzle of the ride, and when it gets to the solo at the end I can barley hear it. You may want to pan out the backing vox out a little bit. Other than that It sounds incredibly professional. Very nice work.

Thanks for the great crit on mine to! Very much appreciated!
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Whoa, this is amazing! I love it, love it, love it. Great name, too. You guys are awesome!
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Cheers all for the great comments- it's great to hear the odd bit of negative crit, gives us something to build on. For example I'm going to make sure the ride is a bit more present if I re-master The Wayside - and our drummer agrees!
Anyway, the songs are now up on AsparagusNow.com as well, if you want to have a look.

And of course...if you want an honest opinion on any of your music, be sure to let me know.
this is amazing...it kinda reminds me of a heavier john mayer then transforms into a more classic rock feelll... man i wish there were more british bands famous in america...american music is greatly deteriorating with its trashy rap music and pop.
i love your message box thing with the beer/prism!

the wayside: you should pan the intro lead a little more center. the vocals in this were very bluesy. the harmonies could maybe use a bit of work...they're kind of un-uniform. the chorus was really great and chatchy and very familiar feeling like something you'd hum under your breath when things are calm. good job. nice guitar harmonies!

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+1 internez..lol. But man you friggin rock pretty awesome man not much to say that is wrong here. great guitar playing great vocals.

Tunnel vision the Harmonies before the solo need to tighten up a bit. btw that solo is awesome

Ir really like the wayside also very bluesy the guitar playing in that one aint have bad either.....not much to crit on either of these good job man


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Hey thanks thanks for listening to my stuff.

You guys are amazing, I love that Funky Rock n Roll vibe, and your singer is sweet.
writing as i listen.
tunnel vision is great, has a very funky classic rock feel. maybe a little like foghat or aerosmith.
i have no problems with this song, the singer knows his stuff and has a nice voice.
good bluesy funk riffing and soloing from the guitarist. the walking bass is very well defined and mixed. the drums are very tight, this song kicks ass!

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i really liked them. tunnel Vision is really good, you guys are really good. i liked the solo

Wayside great tune, just got to say that

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I really liked the feel of Tunnel Vision. The guitars sound great, they have a good raw quality. It sounds like you've got a Strat and Les Paul duo. The bass playing is nice and solid, without being root-note pounding.

The vocals were good, but they didn't blow me away. Overall though, very nice sound.

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The first riffs of Tunnel Vision were so RATM. The vocals are good but they remind me too much of a Ska Band.

Guitars are f'ing awesome by the way.
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Just listened to your songs today....
Your guitars sound amazing! mmmmmmmmm
Riffs and vocals are good.
Cant remember which ones but I think the drums could be brought forward a bit, get a bit more punchy. But thats just personal preference.
Sounds awesome man.
Peace xx
mr pentatonic lol is that you??? its gd quality for home recording and the opening riffy thing for tunnel vision is gd and catchy... i could imagine you playing live and moving to that song, i especially enjoyed the break down where you harmonized the guitars just before the solo :P

i like the two singers in the wayside, both got extremely gd voices and the riff in it sounds liek somethign the beatles would make :P

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