Ok so I bought a 30 gig Ipod Video about 2 and a half years ago and I need some help fixing it. When I play it the Ipod only plays out of the left ear. I've tried multiply headphones and other MP3 players so I know its the Ipod and not the headphones. But if I hold the headphone plug in a certain spot it plays through both ears. I'm assuming that it has to do with the input are there any ways to fix this. Apple said they'll fix it but they have to replace everything in it so it will cost $140 or I could get a new one 10% off. But I don't have that kinda money right know since I just spent over a grand on a V3. So are they are ways to fix this or am I just screwed?
i pod thread
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its inside the ipod is where it's screwed, any person would tell you that.
if you go to best buy or some place like it, they'll fix it for you on the dot. im not sure if they'll take it without a reciept though but you can try. ! always have hope.

best of luck.
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Wrong thread, but I'l try and help anyways. You know where you stick your headphones in? There's a prong down there. It probally got pushed to the side and isn't makiing full contact. Just try to move it with somthing small and pointy-I used a push pin and it worked.
dude i totally have the same problem i have no idea how to fix it.
it was totally random so i bought another then that one randomly broke.
makes me want a zune really bad.
go to iresq.com and get a new headphone jack. i had exactly the same problem. its alot of money, but its worth it. and its convienient.
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"Its not rape if you like it."
"You have to go..." Reply: "Yess... [gaspy voice] I know..."

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well... the easiest fix would be to get a new one. but as you said that you can't afford it, i'd try putting a dab of wd-40 into the headphone jack of your ipod. this might work if the problem is a build up of dust or other crud. word to the wise though, don't spray the whole can into the input. hope this helps...
you could try opening it up and maybe try lining up the input and then crazy glue it or maybe the wires have to be soldered together. Just use a guitar pick and start from the bottom corner to open it up.
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that's what happened to my computer (laptop), i can only hear out of one ear. try getting it to the spot that works and tape it there or something.
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You're screwed.
I had the exact same problem with mine, but it was still under warranty so I got it replaced, no problems asked. But you don't seem to be in the same position. I guess you don't have much to lose so you could try some of the DIY repair methods on this thread.
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Ok so I opened it pushed around one of the pongs and then did the same with a small screw driver in the input. But now it has the little charged icon over the battery life and it won't read my itunes??? I think when I opened it I may have hit something........
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