these amps seem pretty legit for socheap.

i know the whole "hybrid" thing is just a scam, but these sound pretty good for $230.
i mainly play rock and blues like eric clapton/cream, led zeppelin, and jimi hendrix.

does anyone have any experience with these amps?

also, would the 30 be loud enough for jamming with bass and drums and the occasional small gig?
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yes to both questions, and really it is a good amp, especially for its price. I'd say buy it.
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its good..
play it for yourself and make your own mind up.
i have the 50 and i love it
I have the Xl model the AD30 it's a good amp both on clean and a high gain settings. but as for the regular ad30 it's a good amp too.
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Ive had this amp for about a year, and it really is a fantastic buy. It has a great selection of amp settings and built in effects, and has enough power to do what it sounds like you going to use it for. The only flaw I see is that even on the highest setting, you might need a distortion pedal to get the crunch you want out of it. Thats not to say its got no bones at all, but it just depends on how much distortion you need. But other than that it is a great deal and fully recommended by me!
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The AD50VT 212 is $270 at AMS right now.
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its a damn good practice amp and I like the XL better because im a metal player but people who don't like the high gain as much usually say the XL doesn't sound as good. I don't really see that. But its a great deal and the hybrid thing isnt a scam. It works.
and i wouldnt say the one you want is loud enough to over a drummer but some people would argue with that... I know in my genre of music and with my band it wouldnt even come close to be heard but with your genre its possible. Considering your drummer doesn't bang crashes like a metal drummer.
I have the AD30VT and its a great amp and I can get loads of tones from it. I don't play in a band but I have the master volume on about 3 and its pretty loud so you should be ok with a drummer. I use it with a Boss Sd-1 overdrive as the amp itself doesn't really give that much drive but the boss is only £30 and sounds fine with it.
The "hybrid" thing isn't that much of a scam considering that changing the one tube in it does noticeably improve / worsen the sound
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