Hey guys, so I'm trying to learn by first song that requires more than one finger in use at a time, and it's Found Out About You, by the Gin Blossoms:

However, I would like to play the notes in parentheses, not just the naked notes. I am plucking them at the same time, but as you can imagine....it really doesn't sound all that great since I'm having some problems...then I was wondering if I need to be strumming those little bits, hitting the notes not in parentheses first. For example:
E E E E Q E E +E E E E E E E E
|-----4---- 2----0----|------0---0-----2---4---2--0-|

At "Q", I would use my index finger to play those two notes by stroking up. Any ideas? Thanks.
Don't take my word on this, but maybe just let those parenthesed notes ring out over the others?
^ Yeah. Pretty sure they are just ghost notes.

edit: look at the tab. you've played them before hand, just don't mute them, and play the other note/s on top of the ringing string.

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You said to play them on top of the ringing string......does that mean I strum it very lightly?
When you say strum I think you are assuming the notes are to be played together. What we mean is that you will pick the second fret on the D string and then pick the other notes on the G string while keeping pressure on the second fret D string. Hence, you will still be able to slightly hear the note but will not re-pick/strum it again until it says on the tab or however it is played.