hey, i've been playing guitar for a year or two maybe now, mostly on my sister's acoustic, and i'm saving up to buy an electric to take with me to college. anyway i'll probably not buy anything until the summer, but i've been browsing around on the internet for various guitars that i think might suit me.

i mostly play varieties of rock, anything from the beatles to led zeppelin i guess, with other not-as-rock-y acts (imo) like the doors. i also like to play songs i like to call "early metal" (probably not accurate.....), songs like fade to black, crazy train, where you can tell the distortion's there, but it's not in your face, if that makes any sense. i haven't ventured much elsewhere, but i'd like to get into some classical and jazz/blues at some point in the nearish future (within the lifetime of my first electric, ideally). also keep in mind (if it helps) that i've been playing pretty much everything on an acoustic so far, and I actually like that acoustic tone even for the songs that were originally distorted and whatnot; while I'll probably be playing mostly on the clean channel, I'd still like to be able to get some moderate distortion out too.

ok that said, a "major" internal conflict for me (if you can call it that) is whether I want to go with a solidbody or hollowbody. I've tried a bit of both (and will certainly try more of each before making my final decision) and I just wanted some input from you guys. So maybe I'll just go with pros and cons of each?

- kind of your standard electric, I can easily get a 24-fret neck (something I would like having very much, personally)
- generally pretty easy to swap electronics, from what I've read
- I can probably get a decent/good clean sound as long as my pickups arent meant for super-distortion, right?
- A lot of options: body shape, finish, carved/flat top, pickguard or no, etc. all the hollow-bodies I've seen seem to follow a mostly-set pattern of that curvy symmetric shape, floating-ish tailpiece, giant bigsby for a tremolo, pickguard, f-holes on the sides
- offers the possibility of putting one together, either from scratch or ordering premade bodies/necks. much easier than putting a hollowbody together...

Fully-hollow body:
- I personally loooooove the sound. it reminds me of an acoustic (which I've gotten surprisingly attached to) while still sounding somewhat electric.
- I definitely notice the richer tone, which surprised me, cause I'm kinda tone deaf or something.
- No rear access plate thingy for a lot of models, making upgrading/changing electronics a bit of a hassle....
- Yes they're large but I think I can deal with it. Acoustics seem to be rather huge.
- Makes an audible sound when played unplugged, which is cool. I kinda like being able to do that without leaning over with my ear next to the strings.

Semi-hollow body:
- haven't thought of them much. I briefly played one, but couldn't notice a difference with the solidbodies. Will definitely try playing again....

- Yeah, watching youtube vids of jose feliciano makes me wonder if I should try my hand at classical guitar.... At any rate, I'll have to actually try them out to see if I like how it feels, and the sounds it makes both unplugged and plugged in (if I decide to get one with electronics, which is likely).

Steel-string acoustic:
- Well I've been playing one for a while now. Even though it's what I'm used to the most, I just figure getting an electric is gonna spice things up a bit and keep me from getting bored too fast. Which is generally a good thing. Nothing against them, just feeling the need for some change.

Yeah, theres my long-winded rant-ish thing.... That's where I'm coming from/at right now. Basically just looking for some general feedback on types of guitars for the sound(s) I want. Also, not really looking for comments about amps atm. Yeah, I know, it defines your tone, it's important, etc, but I probably won't be spending much on an amp, since I'll probably be playing with semi-crappy headphones on most of the time. And I'm not too concerned with that part yet anyway. Hope that wasn't too long........
try a semi-hollow body. great for chording and can do some hard rockin with the right amp.
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Quote by icon_player_5
try a semi-hollow body. great for chording and can do some hard rockin with the right amp.

+1, from what you like to play i'd say a semi-hollow would be great for you man, it can play beautifully, or rock the place with the right equipment
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