hey this is a repost......i added lyrics so you can understand wtf im saying. its a song about a guy who on his death bed and looking back on a wasted life with so many regrets. we mixed up some genres to make it different with the hardcore screams and the clean melodic guitar riffs. please crit we worked hard on it. the mic sucked so thats why the vocals quality is kinda sucky.

Crit for A crit!!!

honestly, I really liked the instruments but the voice threw me off. It almost seems like you're trying WAY too hard to sound hardcore. A tip though for vocals like that is to put the mic close to your mouth and sing directly into it. that way you wouldn't need to strain quite as hard as it seems that you are.


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hmm to me it does not sound that good. the lyrics them selves go with the music but the screaming sounds almost unnessicary in a way. It overwhelms everything else and after a while it just sounds like someone screaming in my ear. There was a small portion where the lyrics were almost whispered which i thought along with the music sounded pretty damn cool. Id just say make the music harder or the lyrics softer ans you would have your self a cool sounding song.