Im in the process of deciding which set to buy..
original 81/85, Kerry King 81/85 or Zakk Wylde 81/85
Whats the difference? And if someone has already tried them all Which sounds better?
Kerry King 81/85, the boost switch helps out a great deal, plus its Kerry F***in King so you cant go wrong since you obviously like metal even if you dont like Slayer. Also the originals sound better than the Zakk Wyldes ones, Zakk's just dont have a nice low end to them- but what do I know you may like it, you should try them out. I have because I live right next to the Musician's friend shipping center/warehouse/store which is HUGE.
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eh i dont go for the kerry king or zakk wyldes and all that..... I just go for the original 81. But I thought that the zakk wylde set was just an 81 and 85 regular... but I could be wrong. I wouldn't go for the boost switch on my pickups. Something about that just doesn't sound cool. Plus I use a tube overdrive. Can't go wrong with an emg 81 man. For metal anyway. I used to go for an active neck pickup with it but then I figured out I barely use the neckpickup so I only have one guitar with a neck pickup thats working. The others I just throw in my 81 and thats it.
well i would say the KFK Set is just plain sick it has enormous distortion.
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