like...seriously, there should be a political,relationship and religion subforums in the pit cuz if not, people will still post "religious" threads or "things about relationships" threads and so on...I mean, its even better because, that way, mods will not spend so much time on closing threads..... does anyone agree??????
I'm sure it's been suggested before, and there's a reason it hasn't happened.
I think it would be a good idea... but im a noob so what I say doesnt count...
Well we have a political, relationship, and a religion thread. I think that's enough
Im liking this!

A whole forum in the pit connected to the threads that get so ignored.

Hmm it will be alot easier to find you responses!

there is a place at which you can suggest this, and i suggest finding it
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I think it would be a good idea... but im a noob so what I say doesnt count...

Thats right, Finally a noob that gets his placeding it
^This post was probably sarcastic


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Indeed, one thread for all political discussions, all religeous discussions etc doesn't really work that well considering the number of topics one may wish to discuss under those broad headings.
yeah I agree with this, having one thread for each of those gets really confusing if theres more than one discussion going on at once.
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add my vote for this but i do believe that this has been discussed before by the mods and rejected. something along the lines that it breaks up the flow/community feel of the pit or something like that. thats the rumor atleast.
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Well people can't use the subforums anywhere else on this site properly, so whats to say people will be any different with ones in the pit?

Because it's the pit. The pit, ladies and gentlemen.
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