So, I know some stuff about guitar modding.

However, I just recently got interested in locking tuners.

How would they stack up, say, in comparison to a full on floyd rose and locking nut set, in terms of being able to handle vibrato use? I know that if you get yourself a good bridge and good locking nut, you're in business, assuming you've set yourself up correctly.

Can the same be said, say, on a strat? If I were to start whipping out some divebombs, how well would a GOOD set of locking tuners, like Schallers, hold up?

Just curious, as I've never played a guitar with them. Though I've played plenty of double-locking trems.

Like, I figure it would be worth it to put a set on my Peavey (first guitar...sentimental value...actually plays decent for a starter). It's got your standard non-floating vibrato...so no squeadlies (saving that for a routed cavity- guitar).

Oh, and I'm way to tired and busy with essay work to bother with the search bar, if you were wondering.
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A good bridge is the first step to staying in tune. If it's got a crappy knockoff bridge, then chances are locking tuners won't keep it completely in tune. If the saddles or nut bind the strings, it won't stay in tune at all. On a good Strat, the bridge will be installed well, and will stay in pretty decent tuning. Locking tuners would keep it in tune, but only because the bridge is high quality and because attention was paid to detail when it was installed.
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