Hello my fellow followers, so after a week of planning and discussing I have finally made up my mind, it is going to be a custom body shape (pics will follow)

Sorry to anyone who was excited for the single cut, but If I am spending a lot of money I better get something I want dammit.

The plans have been changed a bit as-well

Body: African Mahogany
Neck: 5-pieces laminated maple with walnut strip down the center
(no scarf joint who would ever use one of those, fricking retarded...)
Fretboard: Rose Wood

The body will be finished into the sense of a solid white guitar with custom airbrushing over laying it, I know some people who said they would be interested in doing some designs I come up with those will come later.

Sorry ambrw's (sorry if i spelt wrong) I will not be able to send template, hope you still follow though.

The deisgn of the body came from a BC Rich mocking bird, a Jackson Kelly, My prs single cut and an Ibanez RG.

Opinions please!
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In your pic, the upper left hand part may prove to be problematic. Just my opinion, but, I think the very pointed part will be weak and prone to breakage. I would consider leaving more "meat" in that area or shorted the spike for structural strength. The same applies to the upper right corner of your pic, just not as much. That's about the only thing that raises some concern with your design. I'd hate to see you put so much effort into it and end up having it break.

Also, don't knock the scarf joint. It's a very strong joint when done properly. I've seen less problems with scarf joints than without.

Good luck on the build. While your doing it, remember two things. First, take your time. Second, have fun.
Have you ever seen a BC Rich Ignitor? You may just want to look into a custom-shop one of those. Jon Schaffer plays one on the Iced Earth "Alive in Athens" video.
Not to dissuade you from the PRS, they make some really nice guitars.
Thank you for the input,

After reading about the scarf joint I have heard that they only weaken the wood and it would make logical sense, glueing something on an angle when the wood grain itself goes a different way just does not make sense to me.
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The glued part of a guitar is the strongest part of the guitar. The woods going to give before the joint will, unless you've done the joint majorly wrong.
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The left horn looks like it would break easily (already mentioned) and the bottom looks like a malformed asscrack. I would strongly suggest you redesign. Even a slightly thicker horn and a rounded tail end would make a world of difference.
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yeh i like the design but the guys up above are correct ithe top left is gonna break
wood just generally doesnt work like taht
but how come don't like scarf joints?
if there so weak like u say then why do some of the big manufacturers like ibanez for instance use them?
ive heard theyre very strong and have never given me any troubl on the three necks ive built
either way good luck
silly question? is the scarf joint the little buldge on the neck just below the headstock/neck joint area?
nope, the scarf joint is the joint that the headstock is attached with on some guitars. your thinking of the volute
^ no I think you mean a neck volute,

a scalf joint is where a straight bit of wood is cut at an an angle, the offcut is then turned round and glued back on so that the straight bit of wood now has an angled head stock.

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so if i go this right, the poster wants a single peice of continual wood for the neck and headstock?, thanks for clearing it up if i got it. if so then there is the posibility of the headstock breaking. to me knowlage a joint done like that is more stronger then a 1 peice neck.
But is the glue as strong as the wood? I guess it would be, I have not looked into a scarf joint fully just know that alot of people shun upon them around here and I did until now.

The left horn is alot bigger in actual design, I do not see which you are talking about, the very top? of the Whole left prong sticking out in general? The design itself will be uploaded in a few days i am doing a template out of MDF and that would be good to go here with in a few days and we will see how strong it is, that is just a sketch on 8 1/2x11 copier paper guys.

The bottom end is actually a knee slot, since I am a purist in the way of the Flying V I play every guitar including my telecaster between my legs basically, I just think it would add comfort.
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