Ok, so I just wrote this a little bit ago and recorded it just for fun (pretty shatty quality)...

If you want to listen to the song (im pretty bad at singing + cold ..eww i know) you can listen to it, its in my UG Profile.

But the lyrics are, and crit on the lyrics would be very greatly appreciated, and i'd be happy to repay with a Crit.


when its all in your own head
the things that can't be said
your full of empty thoughts
when you stay inside your box
stuck between the walls
where it makes it hard to fall
lying on the ground
just dancing in the sound

when you know its just a game
what the hell's the point of playing
and i know its not much more
the days i'm counting for
the nights where i shine bright
there's still not very much light
i can only be so much
till i tumble from a touch
70's Japan Greco SuperPower
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