Hey guys, I know a lot of you wont be serious about this but I really need help because I'm confused.

Ok so stupid me didn't know that I still had to file sales tax even though I had no sales this month or last.

So I just relieved a "Delinquency" notice saying that I have to pay 50$(USD). Problem is, I received this for not filing sales tax for December.

Now heres the problem: It is February the 26th and I was supposed to have tax in for January by the 22nd, but I just received this "Delinquency" notification yesterday, the 25th.

What I'm worrying about here is that Ill get another 50$ Delinquency fine for the month of January. Which leads me to my question:

If I send it out tomorrow(even though it will make it to the department of revenue the next day) do you think I will stilll be charged the delinquency 50$ since they don't really
send out the delinquency notices till way after the due date?

Thanks for any HELPFUL comments!
umm maybe they'll let u dispute it but u'll probably have to pay it

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