I have the opportunity to buy a used Roland Cube 30 (not 30X) at 80$.

First of all, how much of a difference is there from the old model (30) to the new model (30x)? Secondly, is 80$ a pretty good deal for the Cube 30?

Thanks for the help.
I'd buy a 30 for $80 without even blinking. I have a 30 it's worth and I paid much more than $80. The only difference that I saw when I was playing a 30x is the x has the dyna amp option whitch on the amp is basically useless. Buy it, it's probably one of the only chances you'll have to buy a half way decent amp for under $200. Even the micro cube is $125 from guitar center.
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Awesome, thanks for the quick response.

I just emailed the guy, hopefully I'll pick it up tomorrow! =)

Thanks again.
oh nevermind the x has a couple upgrades like a built in tuner and a power squeezer, but that still doesn't make $80 for a cube 30 a bad deal or idea...