So Wed. I start my first real guitar lessons from some guy I found off CraigsList and checked out his little website and such, and he was charging 25 for a half hour.

Anyway, what should I expect and be ready for, for my first set of lessons, I've been talking with the guy through e-mail and such lately, but I want to know what I should be expecting, especially what I SHOULD be taught and such so I know I even have a good teacher right now.
lessons are usually around 20bucks/30 min. for average lessons. as long as your learning something, hes doing his job.
Theory probably, and I think he should be asking you to play something for him and working on techniques. I would expect to learn how to fix technical problems like notes ringing through and learning how to make short notes. Be sure to come to him with questions as well.

Common chords scales should be taught. Along with a few songs you like?

I'd hit him up for technique and theory issues/questions.
Wow expensive. Mine is a great teacher and he only charges $28 for an hour. But my next lesson is on Wed. too.
when i was taking lessons at a guitar store they were $20 per 30min but since mine was when the store closed i usually had an hour lesson
Around Orlando where I live the cheapest I have found is $25 for half hour. I have seen it as high as 40. Guitar lessons here are just way to expensive for me to afford. What was the topic again?
you should be expecting to have your mind empty and be open to learning whatever it is your teacher will teach you.
you will learn more that way and quicker. endless questions on things you dont know about will only distract your teacher and you wont really learn anything
-just my input
oh - I've been teaching guitar for 35 years