Sandwhich ... I'm bored and felt like asking, and does it vary depending where you go?

For me its usually either Turkey or Honey Turkey, or the deli across the street has this amazing Chicken Cutlet sandwhich that I cannot turn down every time I go there and tell myself I'm going to get something new =\.

Anyway so go on
I suck at making sandwiches myself... normally go for simple fillings like ham or whatever.

But whenever I'm out and about and I see a pastrami sandwich with mustard mayo and everything on it, you'd better believe I'm buying that bad boy.

Damn it, I'm hungry now.
ham, cheese (either american or provolone), and pepperoni, with or without mustard.

alternately turkey and cheese with mustard.
nothing better than a philly cheesesteak. Oh yeah, grease just drippin'
I wash dishes at a restaurant, and when it's slow I often make myself a nice sandwich which, from bottom to top includes: Bread (lightly toasted), mayonnaise, back bacon, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon, bread (also lightly toasted)
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yeah, i usually do a pound of roast beef and a half pound of bacon
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besides all the normal stuff, for some reason a good layer of doritos crushed up on your sandwich will just hit the spot.

id recommend mustard, pepperoni or salami, and a nice layer of cheese or ranch doritos. simple, but amazing.
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I can only have turkey bacon and other pork stuff made with stuff that isn't actually pork ... i can't eat pork =( ... but I'm not going to lie I've broken that rule on more than a few occasions, I just love pepperoni, and bacon ... and sausage :| jeez I'm a bad Muslim.

Thats what happens when my parents move to USA to give birth to me and don't realize all that good stuff they've been feeding me is pork until I'm like 5 and then stop giving it to me and deprive me of it completely

oh and I agree, when I make a sandwhich at home I love to put some chips in it for some reason, either some BBQ or Honey BBQ chips hits the spot mm mm good.
Two slices of white bread, ham stacked high, lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch dressing.

Sometimes I'll put cheez-its on it when I'm feelin frisky.
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nothing better than a philly cheesesteak. Oh yeah, grease just drippin'

i love cheese steaks. in fact im going to be in Philadelphia tomorrow, and you better believe im getting a cheese steak.