I might have this question in the wrong section, but I figured maybe a new kid with the same question could see it.

I've been playing for about five years now, but just got into maintenance a few weeks ago. I haven't been able to find out the answer to this one though.

I own a '79 strat that was handed down to me. Compared to other guitars, like my Epi Sheraton II, the guitar feels so much more stiff. What I mean by that is, bending takes much more strength than other guitars and I usually can't muster past a whole step up. Is there any way to relieve some of the tension in the strings? Is it an easy fix I could do myself (I have all the tools necessary to work on the strat)? I thought string gauge might have had something to do with it, but I use the same gauge on both guitars (.10).

Any tips with what I need to do would be heavily thanked.
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Could be the scale of the guitar. The scale on some guitars make it harder to bend that others.
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New strings, maybe a lighter set, and you might take it to a shop to have setup. You know what feels bad but the shop knows what feels best. Have them put eitehr a set or 9's or 10's on it and do a setup. Should help the playability quiet a bit.