Whatsup guys, I just have a few questions. I have been playing guitar for a year and I think I am pretty good. I have a great understanding of the instrument and would like to start improvising. I can play many songs and I have been teaching myself a lot of music theory.

First off I was wondering about acoustic jamming, how exactly do you "solo" over a piece of music? for instance Bob marleys No Woman No Cry, would you solo in the key of C? I would just find the root note C on the low Estring and take it away correct?

I was also wondering if anybody could tell me a few simple barre chords to solo over.
Well you've got the right idea and im sure someone will come along to re-iterate my explanation. But to put it simply...

The song is in C MAJOR, meaning that if you play any note in the C MAJOR scale, it will sound good. Now lets test your theory you have been practicing...

You can take any song in a major scale and also jam a pentatonic minor over it. A MINOR (Am) is the same thing as C MAJOR. So, play an Am pentatonic over the "solo" part, and it will sound awesome.

Just one more thing. Minors = sad, Majors = happy (for the most part; it all has to do with phrasing). If you solo in Am and land on the root "A", it will sound...a little dissonant. If you land on a "C" instead, it will sound happy.

If you need a more in-depth version, dont feel bad to heckle me. Improvising is ingenious when you can do it knowing how you can apply it.

EDIT: Get someone to play a simple progression and solo over it. Anything really...for example one that i like. Fm G# Eb A# (Fm pentatonic, thats easy) Try soloing in a major scale over that, it adds a little bit of "flavor", you'll see what i mean.
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Alright check this out, if you are jamming over Cmaj, MUSICAL REVELATION. it all makes sense. C D E F G A B C, you are talking about relative minors correct? you take the 6th note of the major scale of C. I have never taken any lessons in theory all self taught, be easy.

Phrasing? you mean like how you use the notes to create different feelings?