Looking for something with decent cleans and good medium gain but i'm open to most offers,would like to keep it under $400.....

some amps i had in mind-peavey classic 30,traynor ycv series,crate palomino,vox ac15

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Quote by pepsi1187
why would you spend 400 dollars on a 15-30 watt amp

why wouldn't you?
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pepsi1187, do some research. 400 bucks for a 15-30 watt TUBE is about right.

i may still offer my traynor ycv40t. i was selling it for 400, and its 40 watts tube. let me know if your interested.

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sorry about hijacking your thread but would you take a ovation acoustic for it....its worth around 450
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have you played through all of those potential options?

yea,i wanted to put a peavey xxx in there but i dont see many of em go for round $400 and the cleans aren't worth spending more then 4 hundo

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