i've played the electric guitar, mainly blues and classic rock, for about four years now and i am self taught. and i was thinking about diving into classical guitar music.
i plan on taking some classical guitar lessons because i feel that it would help me to improve faster.
so my question is: does anyone know any decent classical guitars that they would recommend to a beginner? my budget is probably anywhere under $150
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Mmmm you should really spend more money then that I think... Probably around $300 US should get you something nice...

Getting lessons for classical guitar is a very good idea. As the previous post mentioned, its quite different from electric...
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I use a very inexpensive Yamaha cg - something - about $125 - and I use it on gigs!!!
Save yourself the money - even a cheap fender or yamaha - in the $125 - $150 range are better than the $300 guitars - works for me