Ok so I have a problem, my wah was working fine not to long ago then the other day i plugged it up and mashed down and when i mash down on it my guitar signal completely cuts out, as long as i dont mash down you can hear my guitar but when i mash down to use my wah my signal just cuts out. Does anyone know what i should do or how to fix it?
You checked the battery?
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i was running it off of a power source, and about the pictures unfortunatly no, but i looked inside and everything seems to be soldered together fine and intact.
Not too often.When i first got it i used it alot, then i quit using it a while because i lost it.I'm probably better off just to buy another one.
Well, while we're in there, we can convert it to true bypass. Might as well, since a DPDT switch is more readily available, anyway.

Here's a very helpful website:
Luckily, Dunlop GCB-95's are color coded, so switch out what you have to a new switch should be very obvious to you.

Get a Carling DPDT from smallbearelec.com, maybe a few resistors, since I recommend boosting the gain/volume a little bit if you're going to do to true bypass.
You might also want to consider removing the buffer in there, since it's quite the tone sucker, when bypassed.
alright will do, i was thinking about making it true bypass anyway, but thanks alot, i appreciate it.