does anyone else here think it's ridiculous to pay upwards of $3000 AUD for a guitar that already looks like ****?

like that fake age and dents, the "kirks guitar" sticky label and "caution: hot" sticker?

or am i the one that's crazy?
Yeah...it's pure fandom.

Buuut, I still don't think it's ridiculous...

ESP's CS is one of the best CS's in the world...so I think any instrument that comes out of it is probably worth the asking price.
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Quote by chiliwillifreak
its more of a fan thing. the best guitars on the market are between $800 and $1800 AUD IMO

Exactly. Id say maybe a tad more then 800.. But yeah if you look around, you can score awesome guitars in that price range. I actually got my ESP Eclipse Standard for $1500 at a liquidation sale.... Cheering... Its the lawsuit model too...

My jap 57 Reissue plays the **** out of most american strats and only cost me $700...

My throwtogether custom American strat was about 1800 in total... But yeah its a phenomenal guitar... Can basically do anything....
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