I'm not very good with computers ok now that's out of the way heres my situation. I recently got a laptop and I want to know how I can connect it to a normal desktop. By that I mean is there a way I can access files from the desktop on the laptop and vice versa. For example I have a large collection of music on the desktop and its running out of hardrive space so is there I way that I can move the music to the laptop and still play them on itunes on the desktop.

I hope all that made sense.
made no sense at all... just buy an external harddrive, dont cost the world and you can still acces the music.
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ofcourse i laughed xD

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the only thing i can think of is a home network, or remote desktop. im pretty sure you'd be looking for a home network though, but i dont know as much about them as i used to, hopefully someone else here will take this and run with it
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1. Google
2. ethanet
3. get someone else to do it
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