Okay, I would THINK that this thread has been created over a hundred times, but I can't find it, so, I ask that you all humor me and help me out here...

I have resolved, that no matter what happens, I'm not getting rid of my Squier Affinity Strat...so, I want to upgrade the pickups...

I'm not exactly made of money, but could you all give me suggestions, covering more than one price range hopefully, and also, how much would it cost to have someone install them usually?

Thanks everyone.
It usually costs around £15 to get someone to change one pickup for you so I should think it'd be anything from £15-£50 for the whole set, assuming it's a straight swap and no routing or other changes are needed. In terms of what pickup, you really need to tell us what sort of music you play/what sound you're looking for as there is a wide range of different sounding pickups. Price-wise, you should be looking to pay from £50-£100 for a single decent pickup.