Okay so i just wrote this... i cant sleep thinking about my ex...
so i wrote a song... it sounds kinda like a country song when its sung... but i'd like some crit on the lyrics
When I Swept Her Off Her Feet

Theres something about this girl i know
So shy her feeling never showed
but when i looked into her eyes
i'd know

Just the way she smiled when she looked at me
that sparkle in her eyes i'd see
That nothing matter in the world
but her and me

Was it love i felt that night
When i held her close, i held her tight
and felt her heart beat raced just as fast as mine
Not a sound along that silent street
When her eyes closed, and our lips would meet
Does she remember the night i swept her off her feet

We stopped and in a second she
collapsed and fell upon her knees
and I picked her up to
see if she was fine

She smiled and said I am alright
And kissed me again in the moonlit night
and together we drifted to
another world

And i wonder if she still feels for me
like she did that night, a love so deep
but in this time and place
i'll never know

But theres something about this girl i know
and the lesson she helped me to show
how easily that love can come
and go
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