Just seeing what everyone's opinion on the new 2008 Ibanez ART300 series guitar. I love the look, but not experienced enough as a player (beginner) to know it's sound, performance, etc.

Ibanez ART300
Anthony Linhardt
yeah i love the look too... even if i dislike ibanez guitars in general... but this one has the lespaulish look <3
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Thanks for the link. I originally did a search and those did not pop up for me.
Anthony Linhardt
Eh, i am not a fan of the look, but its your opinion that matters. At first i thought you were talking about the Arc 300
I bought an Ibanez ARC300 today - too funny. Well I bought a very similar guitar so what would that tell you about my opinion? It's sitting in a box across the bar from me (second job pouring drinks in a local dive), it's killing me to not be playing it right now!!! Drink up Arsholes! Let's go!
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