ok i like the look of the strat but i want a floyd, i also would like some form of project to do in the nights im not doing anything. so i have found a squite strat for £t05 and a floyd rose kit quite cheap, now is it a lot of work to fit a floyd onto a stret? and would it be posable to do myself.

yes i do know i posted this about my lp but i dont think im going to bother with it it looks like there is too much work involved in it and as the squire alredy has a tremolo on it would i think it would be easyer to fit. i was just looking for your opinion before i go out and but this before i go out and posably waste a lot of money trying this out
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it would just need a little bit more routing behind the bridge and a locking nut, other than that, i cant tell you
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I hope you're experienced with a router!

I'd think about getting a few odd pieces of hard wood to practice, preferably Mahogany as it is often used in guitar bodies.

Just make designs, try to get clean circles and squares - heck, even make some art!

Once you trust your hand at the router, go to work. And I commend you for doing this to a Squier. If this was a strat I would be typing this in caps lock and bleepy bleeping you a new bleep!!!

Good luck.
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will it need much and is this on the front or the back? i know there are sprngs at the back or is the hole for this already on the back of a strat? and i would never dream of doing this to a fender hence why its a cheap squire im doing it to
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