*sigh* i guess i have to speak for everyone else and tell you straight out...

your work does not qualify as music. maybe you could come check my band out and learn a thing or two.
ok i asked for a crit on it which means u need to explain why it doesnt qualify as music then we can get started in making it music... and i checked out ur band nothing special.. ur singer is trying to be corey taylor. your riffs seem plane.. ur drums dont really sound well, need a better mixer... so basically average from me
dude.... "this time" sounds pretty damn good... did u do all the parts yourself????
But "Dark side of truth" sounds like a mish-mash of instruments, almost like your trying to do too much..... but nice stuff dude....

crit mine too:

see my sig
Hey buddy thanks for that.. and yeah ur right about DArk side it doesnt consist of to much.. time for me to try and fix it lol and i had a listen to ur band.. very nice aye
this is not a bump... just indicating a new song is up INSIDE MY MIND. check it out and crit me please.. keeping in mind its in demo state and no vocals