What key and what set up does Robin Trower use to get that sound on Bridge of Sighs? I would like to get it down. I have a Epi Custom LP Plus Top or a Epi Fat Strat modified with Pearly Gates on bridge and Fender SRV Texas Specials on neck and middle. I do know he plays close to the neck. Amp=B52 AT-112 60w or a Spider III 75w
It's in C. I read somewhere that Robin uses a Fulltone OCD.
I reckon you'd get very close with: a nice crunchy Fender amp (probably a Twin), gobs of analog delay and a good Leslie speaker emulator (Fulltone Deja-Vibe for example).
do some fr'kn search on youtube man! Found thisone in 2 seconds:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPhvrxFIVTc (check comments for settings)
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