I use the Rotosound Swing Bass Strings, They give an Amzing sound at first, But then 1 Month later they're very dull. What are the best strings I can get for Slapping?

New ones pretty much lol. I don't know of any specific ones because slap isn't my focus at the moment, but I can tell you new bass strings generally are great, give it a fresh sound suited for slap.
Im saying Roto's

had mine about 6 weeks, they are duller yes, but not dull

thin gauge helps as well

I use 40-95 gauge steel swing rotosound strings

if you think Rotos go dull quick dont buy Ernie Balls

on the subject of strings, what are DR's like??
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well, i've got warwick reds, i've had them for like, 6 months or something and they haven't setled down properly yet.
Rotos died in a month? You're doing something wrong. As for good slap strings, I believe the best slap strings are DR Lo-Riders, but they don't really cut it in other areas. Rotosounds are the best all around strings for slapping and fingerstyle playing.
Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys give me the best tone and I change my strings after 3 weeks to get a fresh tone. Id rather pay for 2 sets of non coated bass sets that give me great tone, than an elixirs set for 40 bucks that sounds average from the start.
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i highly suggest you try fleas "Boomers", man i've been slapping the same string set for like 2 years, and they are still great... a bit of cooking, and they stay great!