I'm making a mixed cd of songs to help me fall asleep and i need some suggestions for some songs. Since these are songs to help me fall asleep please don't post metal songs. I'm looking for nice relaxing songs. Also don't just post band names, give me songs. Thanks
rise against-swing life away
anti-flag- one trillion dollars
stereophonics-thousand trees

nice relaxing songs
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desert song -mcr
dust in the wind -kansas
strawberry fields -the beatles
missed the boat -modest mouse
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explosions in the sky.. just about anything of theirs
some of attack in black's slower songs are good, especially off of the curve of the earth album
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the ultimate in sleep songs
DJ shadow - blood on the motorway
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if i need to relax i like listening to just about anything by sublime.
some higlights would probably be: What I Got, Santeria, Garden Grove and Smoke Two Joints
Echoes and Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd...both songs are extremely relaxing.
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Try out the band Zero 7 you may have heard one of their songs from the garden state soundtrack, and i personally use jim walker
good call on the sublime and pink floyd (two of my favorite bands), but i'm looking for music I haven't heard before. I listened to the DJ Shadow song and it was really cool. I also downloaded some songs by Explosions in The Sky that will go on my cd. I listened to the song Look Up by Zero 7, wow, they got some crazy **** going on and i like it. thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming.
Foo Fighters-Home, and anything off of skin and bones is pretty relaxing, also Nirvana and alice in chains unplugged cds are relaxing
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Anything by Sigur Ros or Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Also, Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, it's very dreamy.
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Echoes and Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd...both songs are extremely relaxing.

Agreed, especially the latter.

That said, most psychedelic music is great when you want to fall asleep, especially psych-folk.
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anberlin- the unwinding cable car, dismantle.repair, (the symphony of) blase'
chevelle- bend the bracket
incubus- aqueous transmission
red jumpsuit apparatus- cat and mouse
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smashing pumpkins- gish or rage against the machine- self title for me. I get awake by listening to soundgarden or jane's addiction.
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I always use:
Climbing up the Walls - Radiohead
Blue Jay Way - Beatles
Oceans - Pearl Jam
God Only Knows - Beach Boys
Road Trippin - RHCP
God of Wine - Third Eye Blind
Night on the Sun - Modest Mouse
Paper Tiger - Beck
Doin' Time - Sublime
Mosquito Song - QOTSA
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Pink Floyd - Echoes / Shine On You Crazy Diamond

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ronnie woods solo stuff, really bluesy and chilled out, does the trick for me.
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Pretty much any Post Rock.

Ehhh not really. Godspeed You! Black Emperor have those awakening climaxes, and if you were listening to say, that 11 minute Mogwai song (I forget what its called) when the LOUD crunchy guitars come in you might be up for the rest of the night. I'd say stick to:

Explosions in the Sky, especially The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place
Yann Tiersen's Amelie soundtrack, particularly the piano songs
Eluvium - Copia
Sigur Ros - ()
Air - Moon Safari
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Actually, I listen to Vivaldi or something light like that.
the zephyr song-Red hot chili peppers
Scar Tissue-Red hot chili peppers
Roadside-Rise Against
Ocean Breathes Salty-Modest Mouse
Stranger Things have happened-Foo Fighters
I miss you-Blink-182
All of this-Blink-182
Now when I think about it, there's more than just reggae to fall asleep to
Scar Tissue
Road Trippin
pertty much every song made by RHCP is great to fall asleep to
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John Mayer or Dallas Green. They're both acoustic and It's really great music.

I honestly sleep to anything, even if it's metal/hardcore. I simply fall asleep to a band's CD whenever I download it and never have time to listen to it during the day.
Definitely listen to Slayer.

Seriously though, bands like RHCP, and people like Santana and John Mayer are great for falling asleep to.
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