iv been playing acoustic guitar for 2 yrs and im good at it.ive decided to turnover to electric guitar.
so which acoustic-electric guitar should i buy and which mini amplifier shuld i buy too.
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Personally, i have an ovation round back, and i dont like it very much, when i get the cash i am going to buy a wooden electric acoustic.
That depends on what you want. You said you'd like to switch to electric, but want to buy an electric-acoustic. This isn't the same thing. Electric-acoustic is an amplified acoustic, and electric is, well, not.

Which do you want?
i'll just assume he means a plug in acoustic.

umm... we'll need more information.

what price are you willing to spend?
what kind of sound do you like?
what kind of feel to the neck?
what kind of wood?
how much are you willing to spend on the amp?
what size amp is a "mini" amplifier?

answer those and then we'll get back to you.
im willing to spend 200-250$ on an electric-acoustic guitar and 100-150$ on an mini amplifier.
a mini amplifier is 12'' long.(fender)

i assume uv heard wake me up when september ends (greenday).
i want tat kind of feeling.
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the minimum i would ever suggest for an acoustic-electric guitar is $400 unless buying used. I would not go under that. Generally, the electronics that come with cheaper acoustic-electric guitars are horrible. two of my friends bought electro-acoustic guitars for about $300, and they're both soso quality.

so... either just buy a pure acoustic OR i'd suggest saving up a bit more. now, it's not guaranteed that a $400 guitar will be better than a $300 guitar, BUT, it's a good rule of thumb to use. that's how the general trends work out.
i also would not get an acoustic-electric guitar if i could only spend 200-250. you're going to end up with crap most of the time.
how is the ovation applause ae127 cutaway acoustic guitar.
i made a mistake in changing the currency to $$ so now the cash im willing to spend is anywere btw 10000r-16000r (400$-600$)
i would try to avoid ovation. i know they sound unique, but the build quality on lower end ovations are suspect. try seagull or takamine.
I'd take a look at a Yamaha FGX720SC. You could get one used on Ebay for something like 200-250 and they are pretty kick ass for low end guitars. as for the amp....hmm I don't know because I personally wouldn't get anything much cheaper than $400 new just because the quality and features (such as do you want a two channel amp that you can run a mic through also?) may be lacking. Look at fishermann, and crate especially in the used categories and you may find a winning ticket.
I have an Ovation and I absolutely love it. It's the $300 Ovation Celebrity CC24. I'll admit though, quality is hit and miss with Ovation low end. I just got a diamond in the rough.

My suggestion: Get an acoustic from the "Which guitar under $300" thread. Then, buy a nice soundhole pickup. You'll get much better tone than with any Acou-Elec under $400.
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do you have a decent acoustic now if so i totally dig on the k&k pure western mini under bridge transducer 100 dollars and your guitar sounds to a point excactly like it does normally ill never buy a guitar with built in electronics again well unless its an offer i cant refuse i turned my acoustic taylor into acoustic/electric and was so stoked at the sound totally satisfied. i would spend another 50 dollars over a soundhole pickup and get a transducer big difference.
man im confused can any1 tell me to buy a new acoustic guitar or an acoustic-electric guitar.
$300 and over. buy acoustic.
$400 and over. buy electric-acoustic.

these are your minimum values.
i liv in india so guitar prices are quite cheap here compared to the $ curency so im gettin a good acoustic electric guitar for about 12000-18000r (300-400$) so instead of buying an acoustic-elec guitar im thinking of buying an electric guitar?
wat say u?
im gettin an a wide range of electric guitars grom ibanez ,epiphone,aria and washburn here btw 7000-18000r(400-700$)
you can get a wide range of electric guitars most places for that amount of money.

anyway, as for whether or not you want an acoustic-electric or an electric... it's up to you. what do you want? we can't tell you that.

personally i would get another regular acoustic, but that's just my personal preference!
Personally I'd mod the guitar you have and put in an under bridge piezo pickup. Heard them on a couple different guitars and I liked the sound
yeah, just out of curiosity, what kind of guitar do you have now?